Baby Foot Peel???

My topic today is rather ironic considering that I think feet are the human body’s most disgusting part. I don’t like looking at them or touching them. Additionally, I don’t like other people looking at or touching mine. I would go so far as to say that I’m very self conscious about my feet. To give myself a little credit, as much as I hate to admit this, I have gross feet. Another strange fact about me considering that I hate feet is that I also hate wearing shoes.  I mean, flip flops are my favorite type of shoes. Go figure. Anyways, with Spring and Summer right around the corner, I have started thinking about getting my feet to looking as good as feet are capable of looking.  Also, feet are much more dry and gross during the summer and therefore more prone to calluses and just overall yuck (I haven’t researched to know if this is actually a fact for everybody during the summer, but it is true for me). My point is, it is more important than any other time of year to give them special attention. Which brings me to this magical Baby Foot Peel , the reason for this post.  Somebody recommended this Baby Foot Peel to me about six or seven months ago. I hadn’t heard anything about them but figured anything that can better your feet appearance is worth a try. I ordered this particular Baby Foot Peel, it comes in, I give it a try and don’t notice any difference and, assuming it doesn’t work, I move on with my life….until about four days later. I’m on a trip with my sister and staying in a hotel and I wake up to all of these weird kind of brownish colored pieces all over the white sheets. I jump out of bed grossed out and scared of what I just slept in! I had no clue what this was until I was stepping into the shower and I see all of this skin peeling off my feet! After a few moments of total panic while standing in the shower conjuring up all types of horrendous diseases that I might have (and also wondering why on earth it has to be something wrong with my already disgusting feet!!), my slow-working mind FINALLY figured out why it is called a Baby Foot Peel! I spent the rest of the trip obsessed with peeling the skin off my feet; it is really addicting. I also grossed out my sister and my family on the trip, so that was great too.
Basically, these Baby Foot Peels are little plastic booties that you cut the tip off, place your feet in, and hang out in them for about 25-45 minutes. I really don’t remember exactly how long because I no longer have the packet with the instructions. They are awkward to walk around in and dangerous to climb up and down stairs while wearing. They feel mushy and gross. But, it is all worth it. As I said earlier, it is important to note that you will not notice any difference for a few days. But, when they cause all of that skin to fall off, the results are amazing! These have given me amazingly soft feet, as soft as a baby’s bottom! Pedicures, creams and lotions don’t stand a chance to this! In fact, I put lotion on my feet and body every single day and it doesn’t soften my feet at all.
I didn’t know these foot peels were a craze currently. I’m not that great at staying up with the current trends. But, they are and there are tons of different foot peels available to try out there. This is just the one I tried. If you have already tried a foot peel, leave me a comment about your results and thoughts!

Bacon is Love You Can Eat!

I love bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon! Well, my best friend doesn’t, but she is like the only person in the world who doesn’t like bacon! My husband believes that bacon can make anything taste good. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but bacon is good.

I am currently on the keto diet and bacon is something that I can eat and I am so grateful for it! So, I’m going to share with you my favorite way to cook bacon.

Years ago, I went to a cabin for a weekend with 3 other people. I cooked bacon for breakfast and I did it in the oven and everybody thought I was so crazy! But, there wasn’t any bacon left and everybody thought it tasted amazing! So….call me crazy!

I cook my bacon in the oven rather than frying it in a pan on the stove. It cooks more evenly and, when done correctly, it is the perfect amount of crisp! I like my bacon to be crisp so that all the chewy is gone, but not so crispy that it just crumbles apart and is hard and yucky. This method is also so much less messy! There isn’t grease all over the stove and there isn’t any grease popping and burning me! This is the way to cook bacon!

I begin this process by setting the oven to 350 degrees. Then, I line a cookie sheet with foil (parchment paper or nothing at all will also work). Then I put bacon on the foil and stick it in the oven. I cook it for about 7-10 minutes and then I turn the bacon over and cook it for another 5-7 minutes.

That is it, y’all! I don’t have to clean up grease splatters all over the stove and floor after! I don’t have to nurse any little burns from popping grease! And, the pan washing is super easy and requires no hard work to clean!


Today’s convo is a sucky one. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being a mom, but then it also has a lot to do with being a mom. It is about the dreaded subject of weight! Being mom should never have to do with what you look like, but then it can affect how you feel and how you act as a mom mentally and physically. I have never been a tiny person, but I have never really been a big person either. After I had Kade, the weight came off fairly easily. I have always had my ups and downs in regards to my weight. Now, it is all ups! UGH!!!

I am breastfeeding and I thought that was suppose to make the weight come right off??? Not me! My body must be kinda dumb and since it is feeding two people, it will just guard all the fat cells with everything that it can. Because I am pretty sure that I am gaining weight and not losing it!! I am so self conscious about my weight right now. It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t eat perfect, but I don’t eat terrible, at least not every day. I am aware of every bite that goes into my mouth. I am always trying to find new healthy recipes that are good. Let’s be honest, I love food, and I only love good food. So, I don’t feel satisfied after eating something that is just bland. I am active. I literally feel like I should be a size one at this point because I spend all of my time chasing Haisley around! That girl is into everything. I also dance with my kids a LOT. Kade and I love dancing and do it pretty much every night. And I’m usually holding 21 pound Haisley while I am doing it. I’m not just being lazy and doing nothing all day!

Another thought I have recently began to ponder is how to look stylish in my not-small size. I have become obsessed with refashioning blogs for two reasons. One, I need a new take on how to look good and look smaller because I am struggling with store bought clothes making me look good and not big. Two, I like the idea of recycling clothes. So, in my spare time (I don’t have spare time) I have taken up sewing. I am able to do a max of 5 minutes an evening of sewing. I will say that, however sparse it may be, I am having fun trying to bring out my creative juices into clothes. I highly recommend others try it too!

In conclusion, I ask what is a girl to do when she is in a not-small state struggling to lose the weight, and wanting to look good and feel comfortable in whatever skin she is currently in?



I’m new! Give me a chance!!!

I have this beautiful niece named Brailey.  She is one of three favorite nieces and one of three most beautiful nieces (I have only three nieces).  We mostly call her Bray, I like to call her Bray J because her middle name starts with J and because it jives…she doesn’t like it so much.  Back on subject, Bray J is the one who has motivated me not to quit this blog and to start back up.  I don’t want to quit it, in fact I just started it.  My first issue is that I am one of those people who starts something and then has a hard time staying up with it.  It sucks, but I have to be honest with y’all.  Second, things are crazy busy with me and I am trying to catch up with most things.  Anyways, that crazy beauty, Bray, has got me back on track.  Even at the young age of 10, she loves reading my blog!  From this point on, I promise to write a blog at least once a week.

So much has happened in the past couple of months..

Do you ever do something to your precious babies that is on accident but it hurts them??  When Kade was a few days old, I was pouring noodles into boiling water when a teeny tiny bit of water splashed up.  It was so little that I still to this day, have no clue where it hit him at.  It didn’t leave a mark to the naked eye.  However, he cried and it did leave a mark in my mind.  I haven’t held any babies while cooking since then!

What happened to Haisley recently was so so much worse.  I was rushing around getting ready for church and Haisley was being rather impatient.  I moved her to the floor beside me while straightening my hair.  I made sure that she was far enough away that she couldn’t reach the cord.  I was right beside her  and she managed to pull straightener on top of her, panic from the pain and squeeze it even tighter onto her leg!  In the few seconds it took for me to bend over and grab the straightener, she managed to get one third degree burn and two second degree burns on her sweet little leg.

photo 2 (1)

She handled it really well, much better than me.  This happened in June and I’m still not over the guilt, even though it is healed and just some scars now.

photo 1 (1)

See, she’s still perfect, just like her brother.

Another thing is my dad had some heart problems, but is doing so good and I’m extremely grateful to God and super proud of him for changing his habits!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this but I am in school working towards my degree in counseling.  I have finished a few classes since I last posted and the last day of my current term is today.  I will have a five day break before starting my next term.  I know a five day break seems so small, but I am all for it!

Kade has started PreK and loves loves loves it.  He has finished soccer and tball and is ready to start wrestling again soon.  Haisley is crawling and putting everything in her mouth and pulling up on everything and getting into everything.  She’s actually standing up on her own for a few seconds at a time.  Then she realizes she is standing and panics and drops down.  She is a few days shy of 9 months old.  She might be an early walker, and I have mixed feelings about that!

All in all, I have two beautiful amazing kids that I am so proud of, a wonderful family, and an almost imperfectly perfect life!

Oh, and thanks Bray J!!!



Need more time, anybody?

How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

Is it sad to say that I sometimes miss being bored?  If so, then I am sad (hehe).  One really doesn’t realize how busy a mom is until they become one.  I came to this subject from a little wake-up call I had the other day.  I was cooking dinner and holding Haisley because she wouldn’t quit fussing.  It was time for me to drain the noodles and I didn’t want her to keep crying while I was doing it.  I decided to let Kade sit on the couch and her sit on his lap.  I even pulled out the footrest to be sure she didn’t fall and told him to be extra careful.  I was rushing and my mind was in the living room with the kids and not on where I was pouring the boiling water.  It turned out, I was pouring the boiling water not in the sink, but on the floor and me!  I’m fine, but it made me realize that my mind is never on what I’m doing when the children are awake.  This thought led me to the fact that I’m just too busy!

I don’t get to take time for myself.  I did finally give myself a little break and got a massage a couple of months ago, but that is the first time I have done something for myself in over five months.  Well, yesterday I did clip my toenails because they looked awful and I was wearing sandals.  But I didn’t take the time to paint them.  Every other weekend, I have five hours to myself on Sunday afternoons.  I spend that time cleaning or doing homework.  I feel like I sleep because I physically have to.  I truly and thoroughly love my life, so please do not think I am complaining.  I just want to know how to make things run a little smoother.

After realizing how busy I am, what do I do?  I go to Google to see what I can find about saving time and being just a tiny less busy.  Mostly, I found a lot of advice about getting on a schedule.  I don’t want to live my life on a schedule and I don’t want my children to live their lives on a tight schedule.  I do have a bit of a schedule in little ways to provide some structure, but I refuse to structure my children’s playtime as well as their time spent with me.  It is too important to schedule that time in.

So, what does one do when they realize that they are just too busy and that their mind is rarely actually involved in whatever task they are doing? How does one go about minimizing some things in order to maximize down time?




Hi, I am Amanda and this is my blog!  I am beginning this blog as a single mom to a four year old (Kade) and a five month old (Haisley).  I thought I should start this blog by explaining why I named it  Kade has a very, very active imagination, and I like to encourage this imagination, mostly.  He has recently become obsessed with wearing footie pajamas, but he didn’t like calling them footie pajamas.  So, what do ya do?  You rename them to something more interesting.  He came up with Tully-toes.  It is kind of amusing when people are over and he is asking where his tully-toes are at.  Since Tully isn’t technically a word and I wanted to incorporate something into my blog name that was fitting to my girl and my boy, I came to Tulle And Toes.  I’m sure most of y’all with little girls know, but just in case, Tulle is a silky type of fabric that is mostly used for girls dresses.  I use it often to make tutus for Haisley that she rarely ever wears except for a few minutes to snap photos.

I am hoping to accomplish a few things with this blog.  There are tons of “mommy” blogs but not so many “single mommy” blogs.  I am hoping to be a go-to for all crazy busy moms, but maybe single moms will be able to have somebody they can relate to on a different level.  I’m also hoping to relate to all of you.  I want to put out ideas that I come up with regarding being a mom.  I also want to put your ideas to the test, because we all need different ideas to mellow our lives out a little bit.

As I said, I am a single mom to two amazing children.  Certain circumstances have put me in this situation, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My goal in life is to make the most of it and raise them at least halfway right.  I am a little bit southern in that I live in a tiny country town in Oklahoma.  I have a bit of a twang to my voice and if y’all catch me using “y’all” a lot, you might as well just go with it.  I am a Christian and I want to raise my babies to put their faith first in their lives.  It just makes life so much greater.  I am not a comedian, but I try to find the humor in everyday situations.  I breastfeed Haisley, and she has never had formula, so that is something that can be discussed, although I’m not a pro at it and have questions too.  I wasn’t successful at breastfeeding Kade, so I am definitely not anti-formula.  I will always be as straight-forward as possible, but I’m never here to offend or hurt people.

I should also throw it out there that I haven’t written papers, or taken grammar classes in several years.  I will apologize in advance and please just work with me.  Practice works, so y’all should see it improving over time.

I hope to see all of you join this journey with me!  I’m so excited!!


God Bless,